Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cedar Park (2 walks)

Today, my husband and I walked the northwest area of Cedar Park. We walked every street between Lake City Way and 37th Avenue NE from NE 135th to 145th Street plus a few streets east of 37th Avenue that we hadn't walked yesterday. We walked about 4.5 miles - in the rain.

This section of Cedar Park is more varied than the northeastern section. Houses and lots vary in size and levels of upkeep. The northern part of 37th Avenue has views of the lake and the whole area has tall trees. There are a good number of speed bumps and a few 'for sale' signs. We didn't see any gardeners today (probably because of the rain) but we did see some nice gardens and a few dog-walkers. It looks as if some older homes have been replaced with newer, larger homes and (close to Lake City Way) multiplexes.

We saw a few walkers on Lake City Way plus construction workers at 137th Street where a large apartment complex is going up. There is a Mediterranean market (with promising looking fresh produce), Starbucks, Ezell's and miscellaneous other businesses.

The trees and gardens made the walk enjoyable - even in the rain.

Northeast Cedar Park

Yesterday, I started walking in a corner of the city; this seemed to make sense so my first walk was through Cedar Park in northeast Seattle. My husband and I walked about 4 miles through the northeastern section of this neighborhood. We walked all the streets between NE 135th and 145th Streets from 38th Avenue NE to (but not including) Riviera Place.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and the views of Lake Washington and the Cascades were impressive. This is a quiet neighborhood with tall trees and well kept homes; it feels more like a lakeside community than a city neighborhood. Not too many people were out walking (there are no sidewalks) but quite a few people were gardening. 41st and 42nd Avenues are quite hilly in spots and we ended our walk by climbing a long staircase starting at 42nd Avenue NE at 135th Street.

This was a great first walk - don't know how many walks will be able to match the views and the trees.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seattle Gems, Walk Discoveries and Index

Seattle Gems and Walk Discoveries:

Index of walks by neighborhood:
Alicia Park
Alki and Genesee
Ballard – Adams Neighborhood
Ballard - West Woodland Neighborhood

Beacon Hill
Bitter Lake
Blue Ridge
Capitol Hill
Cedar Park
Central Area
Cherry Hill
Green Lake
Haller Lake
Hawthorne Hills
Highland Park

Holly Park
International District
Jackson Park
Lake City
Madison Park
Madison Valley
Matthews Beach
Montlake, Capitol Hill, First Hill, Downtown
Mount Baker

North Admiral

North Beach
North College Park
North Matthews Beach
Olympic Hills
Olympic Manor
Phinney Ridge
Pioneer Square
Portage Bay
Queen Anne
Seward Park
Shilsole Bay
UW Campus
University District
Victory Heights
View Ridge
West Seattle
West Woodland
Yesler Terrace