Saturday, September 25, 2010

West of Jackson Park and I-5

Towards the end of the week, I walked all the streets between NE 130th and 145th Streets from 1st Avenue NE to I-5 plus 5th Avenue NE between 130th and 145th and 145th between 1st NE and 15th NE. This 6.5 mile walk included crossing I-5 and lots of retracing steps.

This area includes Jackson Park Golf Course, I-5 and Lakeside School. Of the neighborhoods, I've walked so far, it probably has the lowest number of streets but not all of its street showed up on Google maps so I was discovering new streets to walk. Some areas were almost hidden in the tall trees. I passed a pigeon coop, a church, a pea patch, a 7/11 store and a health clinic.

5th Avenue between 130th and 145th was probably the most pedestrian unfriendly stretch I have walked so far but the views of Jackson Golf Course were lovely.

East of Jackson Park

Early this week, I walked all the streets between NE 135th and 145th Street from Jackson Park Golf course to 23rd Avenue NE. The southeast area of this neighborhood was quiet and felt almost rural with lots of birds chirping. The northern and western areas were closer to busy streets and I heard more dogs barking than birds singing. There are stores (including QFC, Goodwill and Starbucks) at the corner of 145th and 15th and lots of apartments and condos with impressive sounding names along 15th.

I met more walkers and bikers than on any walk thus far and even saw a few Metro buses . There were more sidewalks than I expected (probably because of the bus routes). I walked 7.25 miles.