Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Riverview and High Point Neighborhoods of West Seattle

Schools and green space were well represented on today's 9.3 mile walk through the Riverview and High Point neighborhoods. I passed the Longfellow Creek Greenspace, the Riverview Playfield (pictured in a prior post) where lots of soccer goal nets were in place, South Seattle Community College (pictured in a prior post),

Stanislo Elementary

with its large plagyround

and nice play structure,

and the Louisa Boren Building (home to the K-5 STEM at Boren -  being remodeled to upgrade earthquake safety)

with its large playfields.

Along Delridge, I spotted a staircase, a future healthy forest, a parcel for sale that was designed to be an apartment site, a public storage facility and two gas stations at the intersection of Orchard and Delridge.

I passed the Croft Place Townhomes and Puget Ridge Cohousing with its common space

and community garden.

Other homes were modest and some were small but neat. Some others were almost hidden down lanes or behind collections of large vehicles.

Along the way, I spotted more staircases, yard art

and utility poles which appeared to be powering the entire city.

Someday I will return to walk the Longfellow Creek trails. I assume that is what the large group of backpack wearing senior citizens I met along 24th Avenue SW were doing.

Monday, September 9, 2013

North Delridge and Riverview Neighborhoods of West Seattle

Today's 9.2 mile walk took me to the area between the West Seattle Golf Course and South Seattle Community College.  Longfellow Creek runs through it and Delridge Way SW is the main street. The area is primarily residential but this stretch of Delridge Way has quite a bit of commerce.

I passed Espresso shops, an empty looking daycare center, a massage shop, pizza and pho restaurants, a beauty salon, a used tire shop, an upholstry shop, a Stuffed Cakes shop and three small food marts which were really more like convenience stores (an unnamed Food Mart and the Delridge Food Mart with gas pumps and a Super 24 Food Store with a mural painted on its side and a desire to bring healthy food to the area).

The Delridge Branch of the Seattle Public Library is also on Delridge Way but it wasn't open this morning. The library appears to be in a building with housing and the Refugee and Immigrant Family Center (which was advertising free preschool for eligible families).

Across the street, I noted a building going up with a sign which indicated that our Seattle Housing Levy dollars were at work. There are also new private sector townhomes along Delridge.

The Disabled American Veterans West Seattle Chapter Number 23 shares a building with the Full Gospel Pentecostal Federated Church

and the Iglesia Pentecostes Monte Sinai is nearby

as is the well-tended Delridge P-Patch.

This area borders on Delridge Playfield (pictured in a prior post) and the West Duwamish Greenbelt and is home to Greg Davis Park and Natural Area,

Cottage Grove Park and Recovery Garden,

Puget Ridge Playground (with its totlot and perennial garden)

and an unsigned field and playground across 25th from the Delridge P-Patch.

The residential area east of Delridge Way is hilly and the homes are mostly modest. There is quite a bit of building going on with new lots smaller and houses larger than the older housing. There are a few lots for sale, some unpaved streets and a staircase at SW Juneau. (It looked as if a nearby remodel was most likely a school.)

At the end of a dead-end street, sits a building named Common House. It is next to a resident parking area and vegetable garden and is associated with the newer adjacent housing known as the Duwamish Cohousing Community.

The residential area west of Delridge Way is flatter and I noted a new sidewalk along part of 25th.

Homes are mostly smaller and there is not as much new housing here but I did note what may be remodel.

Along the way, I spotted some lovely gardens, yard art,

public art

and a Bee Crossing which really was surrounded by many bees.

Another enjoyable West Seattle walk through many recreation areas.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

South Delridge

We observed another example of the irregular southern border of the city today as my pastry-loving pal and I walked 5.8 miles in the South Delridge neighborhood. The city appears to extend south of Roxbury for the block and a half that includes Holy Family Catholic Church and School and the Gina Aquila Rosso Playfield.

Homes are modest and the neighborhood is primarily residential but there are businesses along Roxbury, 16th and Delridge. At the intersection of 16th and Roxbury, we looked south at a shopping street in White Center - outside the city limits.

Along 16th, we spotted a restaurant in an alley and a string of ethnic stores.

We passed Lee's Produce, All About Art and Aquarist World on Delridge and stopped at the Salvadorean Bakery and Restaurant on Roxbury to sample the tempting pastries. We decided that we should return someday to try the pupusas with pickled cabbage (highly recommended by others on the order line) and other Salvadorean specialties.

Along the way, we spotted murals,




an old church with no indication as to its current use,

a yard full of flamingos,

a row of huge utility poles,

a shrine flanked by benches with what looked to be Vietnamese inscriptions,

and some lovely gardens, produce and garden art.

Another great walk.