Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rainier View and Rainier Beach

A friend (who lives in the area) and I were inside and outside the city limits today as we walked 7.3 miles in and around the Rainier View and Rainier Beach neighborhoods.

I was happy to have a guide as we walked the curving streets near the lake.

We walked our share of hills as we wound our way around Lakeridge Park. Part of the park appears to be inside the city limits and part outside. We passed Lakeridge Playground on the southwestern edge of the park

and admired some lovely homes and gardens. One home looked like an updated farmhouse.

We stopped for lunch at Pizzeria Pulcinella (the pizza was great)

and I learned that a prior business on this spot had failed to pay the sign-maker so the sign-maker hung the sign upside down. The current business decided honor the history and have their sign hung upside down too.

Along the way, we spotted vegetable gardens,

turtle garden art,

views of Lake Washington from Rainier Avenue South,

a creek running through a beautifully landscaped front yard,

a street that resembled a country road,

the Community Bible Fellowship

and more great views.

This was a great walk through a mostly quiet residential neighborhood but I couldn't help but wonder how the city limits were ever defined.

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