Tuesday, August 27, 2013

North Delridge

Today's 6.2 mile walk in the North Delridge neighborhood filled in streets I had missed on prior walks and included an area tucked in bedween Delridge Way, the West Seattle bridge and the West Duwamish Greenbelt.

Like many neighborhoods with dead-end streets and no reason to enter unless one lives or is visiting there, the area bounded by SW Genesee, Delridge Way and 19th Avenue SW has quiet streets. In this case, each has its own personality. Many homes show pride of ownership - a few do not.

I observed older homes

directly across from new construction (with more under construction),

views of the Seattle skyline and the cranes on Harbor Island (one house had named itself  Steel View), American flags, aproposed and use action sign (along Delridge), a notice that City Light will be disposing of surplus property at 21st and Andover (the community meeting was last week)

and the ample grounds of Pathfinder K-8 School.

Delridge Playfield (it looked as if a soccer camp were under way) and Community Center are west of Delridge Way

as are Southwest Youth and Family Services and South West Plumbing.

A pedestrian overpass took me across Delridge to the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in the old Frank B. Cooper Elementary School.

While I was in the neighborhood, I decided to head over to West Marginal Way to see if I could find 18th Avenue SW and walk another street near there that I had missed on a prior walk. I was successful in finding 18th (hidden behind Global Diving and Salvage off Charlestown).

Next I climber one of the many, many staircases along this walk to get back up to 19th Avenue SW. It would not surprise me if this staircase attracts those looking for a place to sleep.

Back at Delridge and Andover, I saw a small strip mall.

Along the way, a passed painted utility boxes,

Secret Studio (Recording)

and Pigeon Point.

Another walk offering a good workout with lots of hills to climb.

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