Monday, August 19, 2013

Fauntleroy Neighborhood of West Seattle

Beautiful views greeted me and I got to see a few ferries sailing on the beautiful blue waters of Puget Sound today as I walked 7.9 miles in the Fauntleroy neighborhood.

Filling in streets between 39th Avenue and Fauntleroy Way SW, I passed the Fauntleroy Ferry dock (pictured in a prior post), noting that the Barton Street Pump Station Upgrade was in progress, that there is a Rapid Ride stop at the ferry dock and that there are many parking restrictions along this stretch of Fauntleroy.

This walk took me along hilly streets, some with underground utilities.

Lincoln Park, north of the ferry dock, is home to Colman Pool (an olympic-sized, heated, outdoor, saltwater pool with a giant tube slide) and many trails.

The rest of the area is residential (except where it borders on the old Fauntleroy Schoolhouse where I could see the Seattle Civic Dance Theatre School of Dance) with well-kept houses ranging from small cottages to larger, view homes. Along the way, I spotted a Beware of Coyotes sign right above a lost dog sign,

some good looking blackberries,

fish etched in concrete,

a staircase at the dead-end at 39th and Cloverdale,

a railroad signal in a front yard - the base indicated that it had been made by the General Railroad Signal Co. in Rochester, N.Y.

and some idyllic garden art.

With all the hills, this walk was a workout.

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