Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fauntleroy Neighborhood of west Seattle

It was bright and clear today as my husband and I took a 4.8 mile stroll in the Fauntleroy neighborhood. We walked along quiet, residential streets northeast of Fauntleroy Park.

The area was neat and tidy with some nice gardens and great views near the western edge. 35th Avenue SW on the eastern edge was busier and included a bakery, fish and chips shop, a beauty salon and Bird on a Wire coffee/pastries/wine/small plates shop.

Along the way, we spotted some pretty tall corn stalks,

a steep staircase,

a mural, Peace Lutheran Church, a Christian Science Church and Fauntleroy Park (all pictured in prior posts).

It was a beautiful day to finish the Fauntleroy neighborhood and, after the walk, we spent some time sitting on a log by the water at Lincoln Park.

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