Monday, August 26, 2013

North Delridge, North Admiral, Genesee and Fairmount Park

The Longfellow Creek Watershed dragonfly sculpture at 28th Avenue SW just south of Dakota Street was the highlight of today's 8.6 mile walk in West Seattle. The area I walked surrounds the West Seattle Bridge exit and encompasses streets in the North Delridge, North Admiral, Genesee and Fairmount Park neighborhoods.

There were real differences among the neighborhoods, largely determined by dead-end streets and proximity to this West Seattle Bridge approach.

The area northwest of the bridge approach (Genesee and North Admiral) was hilly with lots of dead-end streets and views of Harbor Island and the Seattle skyline.

It was residential with staircases and one really rural-feeling street.

I spotted what looked like an overloaded utility pole.

This area bordered on the old Luna Park location, home to the Luna Park Cafe and an art glass shop.

The area immediately south and east of the bridge approach (Fairmount Park) had a lot of building proposed and in progress. It was a mix of newer townhomes, single family homes and older garden apartments

but I did see a nice garden tucked in right next to the bridge approach.

The area east of Avalon Way SW (North Delridge) borders on the West Seattle Golf Course, the Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail and the Delridge Skatepark.

This area is a real mix of new and old residential and business park. A large apartment complex

is across the street from a vacant lot and a log home.

It looked as if utilities were underground for the apartment complex and required reinforcement where they resurfaced.

This area is home to All Star Fitness Center and a few business parks including the West Seattle Corporate Center, home of Bartell Drugs Corporate Offices, the Northwest Kidney Center and the Department of Social and Health Services.

Along the way, I spotted a welcoming bench,

a bridge approach overpass

with a few warnings,

Longfellow Creek

and a bike box (with a warning sign).

This varied walk was a real workout.

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