Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fauntleroy and Arbor Heights Neighborhoods of West Seattle

Water views and expensive homes dominated todays 10 mile walk in the Fauntleroy and Arbor Heights neighborhoods. The stretch of Marine View Drive between 98th and 104th offers great views and I saw ferry boats heading to and from the Fauntleroy dock.

From Marine View Drive, I wound my way down to the water passing the private drive for the West Beach Condominiums,

a house for sale with an asking price exceeding two million dollars,

what looked like a lot where a house once stood and more Madrona trees before reaching the private Maplewood Place SW which appeared to lead to homes on the water.

Retracing my steps and continuing on to SW 98th Street, I came to the a spot with a shore view near Seattle Public Utilities Pump Station #71.

I spotted a kayaker and noted that some of the homes on the beach were relatively modest. There did seem to be a lot of new construction going on and I suspect that modest homes are being replaced.

Continuing north along the dead-ending 50th Avenue SW, I came to impressive estates and saw a large vacant lot with a sign indicating that new homes would be coming soon.

Turning south, I came to a staircase which twisted and turned before bringing me to a narrow pathway onto 48th Avenue SW.

I worked my way to 47th and SW Wildwood Place before turning south again along Fauntleroy Way SW where I found a dead-end street leading to another shore view. This one offered a great view of the ferry dock but also warned of possible sewage overflows during or following heavy rain.

Continuing south on the dead-ending Fauntleroy, I noted many more lovely homes with great views and some with grand entries.

Once again, it looked as if a modest house were being replaced.

Working my way over to 45th, I came to a commercial corner with a Rapid Ride stop, apartments/condos, a Mexican restaurant, a salon, the Original Bakery (pictured in a prior walk), Canine Casa and Endolyne Joe's.

I came across a sign stating that Seattle City Light will be disposing of property (including the Fauntleroy substation) and asking for public input on August 27th.

Back in Arbor Heights, I noted signs advertising a block party, Night Out Seattle, a community meeting to view the new design for Arbor Heights Elementary School and the Arbor Heights Walking School Bus.

I passed Arbor Heights Community Church and its Ark Park

as well as a wagon full of free apples and a unique bird house.

Along this varied walk, I spotted garden art,

a sign which had been imaginatively altered

and two Little Free Libraries.

This was another memorable walk.

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