Monday, August 5, 2013

Arbor Heights Neighborhood of West Seattle

Today's 7.2 mile walk in Arbor Heights was easy because the area is relatively flat.

There were streets on which the lots sloped but some homeowners figured out how to landscape accordingly.

The eastern edge of my walk bordered on unincorporated King County and I could occasionally detect the city limits by the change in road paving. Homes in this area were modest.

30th Avenue SW is in the city and, walking along this street,  I spotted a sign for Explorer West Middle School. The school address, however, is 28th Avenue which puts it outside the city.

Homes west of 35th are not quite as modest. Some reminded me of a "Grandma's House." I spotted signs for a neighborhood pot luck dinner and spoke with a friendly resident out tending her garden.

This side of 35th is home to Arbor Heights Elementary School and its large playground. The complex forms a canyon of sorts and, when a neighborhood dog barked, the bark echoed around the buildings.

On this walk, I spotted a crab apple tree laden with fruit,

a unique mailbox,

a modest home behind a majestic tree,

the old Nicol's Market (former Wholesaler of Fresh Herbs and Exotic Mushrooms),

and some sidewalk art.

It was another enjoyable walk in a quiet, residential Seattle neighborhood.

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