Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mount Baker

After a stop at the Repast Bakery, my pastry-loving pal and I took a walk 6.2 mile walk in the diverse Mount Baker neighborhood south of Franklin High School and east of Rainier Avenue S.

Rainier is a busy commercial street with retail stores in Rainier Square Plaza. Nail salons and ethnic restaurants abound.

The Chief Seattle Boy Scout Council Office is located along a tree-lined stretch viewable from the pedestrian overpass at S Hanford Street.

We stopped in the Mekong Rainier Supermarket to marvel at the variety of fresh foods available, noted the El Asadero food truck

and the Berean Church of God in Christ,

and admired a few murals.

We saw a proposed land use action to construct a five story public storage facility on a lot where a woman named Rose used to see roses. Walking east from Rainier Avenue, we passed homes, the lovely Courtland Place P-Patch,

the Estelle Street P-Patch abutting John Muir Elementary School,

Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church (pictured in a prior post), Gale Place Apartments, Seattle Fire Department Station Number 30,

a few staircases and a small butterfly on a lavender plant.

We saw lots of people along Rainier and quite a few near the apartment housing nearby. The western edges of Mount Baker are very different from the eastern part, not all streets are equally desirable but it all feels like a vital neighborhood.

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