Monday, August 12, 2013

Fauntleroy and Arbor Heights

Today's 8.5 mile walk took me to the area around Fauntleroy Park. There are a few marked and a few (almost hidden) entrances to this park which is home to Fauntleroy Creek and a number of trails.

Kilbourne Park is not too far west of Fauntleroy Park. The western edge of today's walk offered peek-a-boo views of the Sound.

The eastern edge was 35th Avenue SW and included streets I had already walked. They were the only commercial streets but, even an auto repair shop had room for a planter.

Just east of 35th, I spotted what looked like a number of small, flat-roofed, adobe houses.

Along the northern edge, I noted the old Fauntleroy Public School (now housing a number of services including Synergy Home Care and Fauntleroy Children's Services),

the Hall at Fauntleroy (available for rental)

and a water tower.

For the most part, homes are modest but some of the gardens are lovely.

This area is home to the West Seattle Church of Christ,

Seattle Gospel Assembly,

Fauntleroy Church,

the Fourteenth Church of Christ Scientist,

Brace Point Pottery,

an interesting tree house,

a long, winding staircase

and a severely pruned tree.

Another quiet, residential neighborhood.

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