Monday, November 29, 2010

Alicia Park and Meadowbrook

Yesterday, my husband and I continued our walk through Alicia Park and Meadowbrook. We walked all the streets between 35th and 40th Avenues NE from NE 95th to 105th Street and filled in a few streets we'd missed on our last walk. Because of all the doubling back, this walk was 6.8 miles.

The sun was out and the air felt balmy after the cold and snow we'd had last week. We kept running into Thornton Creek on our last walk and we kept running into the Mock Creek Ravine on this walk. This is an environmentally sensitive area and I was amazed at how close some of the homes were to the ravine.

We never knew when a dead end street would dead end for walkers as well as cars but discovered foot paths connecting the two ends of 39th Avenue and the two ends of 40th Avenue. We could not find a way to walk from one end of 97th street to the other and, when we asked one of the residents, we were told there was no way through the ravine at this point.

Again, we noted that Alicia Park has sidewalks and underground utilities. It appears that these amenities significantly add to the asking prices of homes in that area.

The neighborhood includes the One Life Community Church and the Korean Peace Presbyterian Church. The main intersection of 35th Avenue NE and NE 95th Street is home to Bill Waters Spirit Service Station, Johnson's Auto Repair, the NorthEast Veterinary Clinic, a chiropractor's and an old fashioned looking barber shop (open 7 days a week).

This is a quiet, well kept neighborhood and a great place to walk.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Meadowbrook, Alicia Park, Matthews Beach, Thornton Creek

Today, my husband and I walked most of the streets between NE 95 and NE 105th Streets and between 40th Avenue NE and Sand Point Way NE. There were a lot of dead end streets so we wound up walking some street 2 or 3 times and walked a total of 5.4 miles.

Thornton Creek runs diagonally through this neighborhood and seems to turn up all over the place. Parts of the neighborhood has tall trees and the curb appeal varies by street. Any street with few cars is more appealing. Some streets have sidewalks, curbs and underground utilities. Some don't have underground utilities and some don't have sidewalks or curbs. The drainage varies from street to street as does the number of potholes. On the whole, it's a quiet, residential neighborhood with home prices in about the middle range of neighborhoods, I have walked thus far.

On 105th Street, we passed a playfield which abuts John Rogers elementary school. The neighborhood is moderately hilly and looks almost suburban with fair sized lots. We passed a house with a full-sized tennis court in its backyard and another with Thornton Creek running underneath. We met a few dog walkers and a few pedestrians.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Seattle in the snow

My husband and I took a walk in the snow on November 23rd. I didn't keep track of where we went or how far we traveled but did get some nice shots of Seattle neighborhoods in the snow.

Shilshole Bay and Sunset Hill

Last Sunday, my husband and I walked from Golden Gardens to Ray's Boat House, crossed the Burke Gilman Trail, then walked north in the Sunset Hill neighborhood until we could wind our way back to Golden Gardens. The round trip was just about 6 miles because of all the dead end streets we covered twice.

Seaview Avenue NW runs along the Bay and was unusually quiet on this cool autumn day. We passed the beach at Golden Gardens, some condos with great views of the Sound (even though it was overcast and the mountains weren't visible that day), Shilshole Marina, a few shops and some restaurants with great views and outdoor spaces.

After crossing the trail and climbing up to the Sunset Hill neighborhood, we encountered a lot of dead end streets but still had some great views. We passed Sunset Hill Park and walked north looking for a street to take us back down to the Sound. We missed the staircase at NW 85th Street so had to navigate the road down by the dog run - not a good walking area.

All in all it was good walk with some hills, a mix of busy and quiet streets and great views.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Matthews Beach North of the Park

Today, my husband and I continued our Matthews Beach walk in the rain. We walked all the streets between Sand Point Way and Lake Washington from Matthews Beach Park to NE 105th Street. This neighborhood has a hill rising up from the lake to 49th Avenue NE and then leveling off towards Sand Point Way.

Along our 4 mile walk, we encountered a pair of chickens walking across a lawn and some impressive lake views. Lots in this area are larger than those on older parts of the city and the area north of the park includes expensive homes on the lake. One block from Sand Point Way, the streets are quiet and have a suburban feel.

Inverness and Matthews Beach

My husband loves hills so, yesterday, he joined me for a walk through the streets of the Inverness and Matthews Beach neighborhoods. We walked all the streets between 45th Ave NE and Lake Washington from NE 85th to NE 95th Street. It was a dreary day but we avoided rain during out 6.7 mile walk.

Inverness, on the west side of Sand Point Way, is a very tidy neighborhood with underground utilities and spectacular views of Lake Washington. Very few cars are parked on the wide streets and houses are large and expensive. Gardens are mostly manicured. Houses are newer than in most Seattle neighborhoods.

We saw two people out walking their dogs but it was a pretty quiet area. Most of the tall trees have been cut down to enhance views so this neighborhood had a very different feel from the others I have been walking.

We also walked the neighborhood east of Sand Point Way and south of Matthews Beach. Thornton Creek runs through this neighborhood and the general feeling was one of being surrounded by water. There were a few people at the park and we also noticed the new playground under construction. I'm sure it will be loaded with children this coming summer.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

South of Bitter Lake and West of Greenwood

Today, my husband and I walked the streets south of Bitter Lake and a few streets west of Greenwood Ave N just south of the Seattle Golf and Country Club at 145th. Our 5 miles walk included all the streets between N 130th and Bitter Lake plus N 137th from Greenwood to Aurora. It also covered the streets between 1st Ave NW and Greenwood from 137th to 145th.

The weather was damp and cool but we finished our walk before the rain started.

There a significant amount of Senior Housing in the areas we walked today - all well kept and nicely located within walking distance of Bitter Lake and the Bitter Lake Community Center. The grounds of the community Center and Park provide lake access.

Broadview Thomson Elementary School is located in this neighborhood just south and west of the lake.

The south side of the lake has more condos than single family homes but there are some homes nicely situated on the lake along Bitter Place N.

The neighborhood west of Greenwood was another pleasant surprise. There are lovely homes and large trees along Palatine Ave N and 1st Ave NW.

North of Bitter Lake

Earlier this week, a friend and I walked all the streets between Bitter Lake and N 145th Street from Greenwood Avenue N to Aurora Avenue N. It was a damp, rainy, windy day but the neighborhood surprised us with a beautiful view of Bitter Lake and many quiet, country-like streets. The fall foliage was still beautiful and, even though we got wet and cold, we enjoyed our 6.2 mile walk.

The area included the Bitter Lake Reservoir and we saw a public hearing notice, announcing plans to start a P-Patch at 143rd and Linden.

This area has many more condos and apartments than the blocks on the east side of Aurora but they appeared well maintained and nicely landscaped.

We found access to Bitter Lake from a dead end street just off N 137th but it was just a very small area that looked as if neighbors might use it to launch canoes or other small crafts.

It was surprising to find such a peaceful setting so close to Aurora Avenue.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Burke Gilman Trail North and Riviera Place

My husband and I took advantage of today's beautiful weather to walk the Burke Gilman Trail and Riviera Place NE from NE 97th Street to NE 145th Street. This 5.3 mile round trip took us along Lake Washington and provided views of some beautiful fall foliage.

There were a few homes for sale on the lake and they
were definitely in the expensive category.

We saw a few walkers, bikers, gardeners, neighbors chatting and a leaf-blowing worker.

The trail and Riviera Place were relatively flat and we had a wonderful walk.