Monday, November 15, 2010

Inverness and Matthews Beach

My husband loves hills so, yesterday, he joined me for a walk through the streets of the Inverness and Matthews Beach neighborhoods. We walked all the streets between 45th Ave NE and Lake Washington from NE 85th to NE 95th Street. It was a dreary day but we avoided rain during out 6.7 mile walk.

Inverness, on the west side of Sand Point Way, is a very tidy neighborhood with underground utilities and spectacular views of Lake Washington. Very few cars are parked on the wide streets and houses are large and expensive. Gardens are mostly manicured. Houses are newer than in most Seattle neighborhoods.

We saw two people out walking their dogs but it was a pretty quiet area. Most of the tall trees have been cut down to enhance views so this neighborhood had a very different feel from the others I have been walking.

We also walked the neighborhood east of Sand Point Way and south of Matthews Beach. Thornton Creek runs through this neighborhood and the general feeling was one of being surrounded by water. There were a few people at the park and we also noticed the new playground under construction. I'm sure it will be loaded with children this coming summer.

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