Thursday, November 11, 2010

North of Bitter Lake

Earlier this week, a friend and I walked all the streets between Bitter Lake and N 145th Street from Greenwood Avenue N to Aurora Avenue N. It was a damp, rainy, windy day but the neighborhood surprised us with a beautiful view of Bitter Lake and many quiet, country-like streets. The fall foliage was still beautiful and, even though we got wet and cold, we enjoyed our 6.2 mile walk.

The area included the Bitter Lake Reservoir and we saw a public hearing notice, announcing plans to start a P-Patch at 143rd and Linden.

This area has many more condos and apartments than the blocks on the east side of Aurora but they appeared well maintained and nicely landscaped.

We found access to Bitter Lake from a dead end street just off N 137th but it was just a very small area that looked as if neighbors might use it to launch canoes or other small crafts.

It was surprising to find such a peaceful setting so close to Aurora Avenue.

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