Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aurora to Ashworth North

Today, I walked all the streets between Aurora Avenue N and Ashworth Avenue N from N 130th Street through N 145th Street plus 130th Street between Ashworth and Meridian. It was a beautiful autumn day for my 7 mile walk and I was treated to some great fall colors and Halloween decorations.

Once again, I passed a stand of tall trees on Inghram High School property which the school district wants to cut down and the neighbors want left standing.

I was surprised by this neighborhood; I'd expected being so close to Aurora Avenue (Route 99), it would be noisy and mostly apartments and businesses. There was a lot of business along 99 and some about a block away but, the closer I got to Ashworth, the more single family homes I saw and many streets were almost country-like at this time of year. I noticed a proposed land use action sign on one quiet street, requesting a variance for an "Urban Village Overlay" which would divide a lot into two lots (and probably cut down some of the beautiful trees).

There were a few homes and condos for sale and the prices were in the affordable range but the condos seemed overpriced given their density and location. I'd prefer to see one or two larger units go up with open space around them rather than see this nicely treed neighborhood cut up for skinny houses and condos.

There was a lot of traffic along Aurora, 145th and 130th but the other streets were quiet. Once again, Roosevelt Way had the least amount of space for pedestrians.

I saw a few students (probably out for lunch) and passed a European Foods Store (which I'll visit if I ever want Russian food).

There were a few benches in a nicely landscaped triangular space at 143rd and Roosevelt.

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