Thursday, October 21, 2010

North of the Ballard Library

Today, it was back to Ballard for a visit to the Quilting Loft on Market Street and then a walk through the streets north of the Ballard Library.

A friend and I walked all the streets from Northwest 56th to Northwest 62nd Street between 20th and 24th Avenues NW. We walked about 3.65 miles on well maintained, treed sidewalks. We noticed that some of the sidewalks had tiles with street names different from today's street numbers. We assumed that these streets have been renamed over the years.

Homes here tend to be compact and in the moderate price range but are probably quite expensive per square foot.

We stopped in the Ballard Library and I was amazed (as I always am) at the size of the space relative to the number of books on the shelves. Most of the print collection is probably in circulation and another chunk is probably electronic.

We saw Halloween decorations, passed a hair salon that had an outdoor patio that can be rented for parties, stopped in JoAnne Fabric for an item I needed for a project, ate pastries at Fresh Flours at 60th and Phinney, saw a house (former church) decorated with tricycles, noticed lots of people out and about, and had a lovely walk.

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