Wednesday, October 20, 2010

North of Haller Lake

Yesterday, my husband and I walked all the streets between North 135th and North 145th Streets from Meridian Avenue North to Ashworth Avenue North. The walk was about 5.2 miles and again abutted Ingraham High School. This terrain was also flat and the neighborhood was pretty quiet once we were a block away from the busy streets (145th and, at times, 135th). Some streets had sidewalks and curbs, some had only curbs, some had open drainage ditches. Housing prices were reasonable. Some homes had lovely gardens and two had interesting metal sculptures. Some homes were very well kept, some were not. There were quite a few dogs behind fences.

Haller Lake Baptist Church was open so I stopped for a look and met their friendly pastor. Once again, it appeared that Ingraham students were out for walks. Some were eating lunch outside and some appeared to have driven off campus for lunch.

There were two proposed land use action signs up in this area. One was on the Ingraham property and involved cutting down and replanting trees to make room for school expansion. The second sign indicated a request to build homes on the vacant city block bounded by 140th, Meridian, Roosevelt and Burke.

Roosevelt Way North ran through this neighborhood and, again, provided no good place to walk.

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