Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Northeast Haller lake

In late September, I walked all the streets between NE 130th and NE 145th from 1st Avenue NE to Meridian Avenue North.

The terrain was pretty flat and most homes were modest with asking prices in the reasonable range. Some homes were hidden, some were well kept, some not. Some streets looked like private driveways. One home had really done a good job of landscaping its open drainage ditch.

The neighborhood abuts Ingraham High School and Helene Madison Pool and I did see some young people who might have been students out walking around the neighborhood.

I stopped into the Haller Lake United Methodist Church to admire their lovely sanctuary. A very nice woman opened the locked door for me and told me about their preschool program which was in session.

This walk was approximately 6 miles and included a portion of Roosevelt Way N which had no sidewalk and a very narrow shoulder which was not walker-friendly.

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