Wednesday, November 30, 2011

University District

Yesterday, my husband and I finished walking the streets in the University District by taking a 3 mile walk along streets bounded by 20th Avenue NE, Ravenna Park, University Way NE and NE 50th Street.

Most of these streets are a little north of the fraternity and sorority houses and are a reminder of the what a grand neighborhood this was designed to be.

There are sidewalks, curbs, median strips, large trees

and many large older homes with great architectural details.

There is a mailbox at the corner 52nd and 20th.

15th Avenue is busier than the other streets and has quite a few apartment houses. This was a pretty easy walk with only a few hilly streets near Ravenna Blvd.

This neighborhood is home to the Center of Light and University Lutheran Church.

Another enjoyable walk.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Phinney Ridge

After cheering our daughter along in the Seattle half marathon, my husband and I returned to Phinney Ridge today for a 5.8 mile walk in the rain.

We walked streets from 60th to 70th between 2nd Avenue NW and Phinney Avenue N. This is one of the neighborhoods where N meets NW.

The streets are tidy but the views on this side of the ridge were not as impressive as yesterday's views of Green Lake. It was not a very clear day but we could just make out the Sound and the Olympics from the cross streets near 2nd Avenue.

This area is hilly and there appeared to be a real drop between 2nd and 3rd Avenue; we spotted a steep sidewalk connecting the two (but no street) at 60th Street.

There are lots of craftsman style homes and some homes are quite large. There are businesses and multiplexes along or adjacent to Phinney but the rest of the streets have single family homes and lots of trees.

This area is home to St. Thomas Parish Holy Apostolic (Assyrian) Catholic Church of the East and Rock of Ages Lutheran Brethren Church.

I got the feeling that Phinney Ridge residents like living there.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Phinney Ridge

My husband and I returned to Green Lake today but we walked in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood. We took a 5.8 mile walk along streets from N 59 to N 67th Street between Phinney and Aurora Avenues N.

We didn't see as many walkers as yesterday but the weather wasn't as nice and we were separated from Green Lake by Aurora. This is a hilly area and the streets slope down to the lake. I almost fell a few times because the sidewalks were so slippery with wet leaves and moss. That's the only complaint I have about this lovely neighborhood which has mostly single family homes with more density along Phinney Avenue. Houses close to Aurora were modest; those close to the zoo were often quite large with lots of architectural detail.

We walked two sets of stairs.

Sandwiched between the Woodland Park Zoo, the shops along Phinney, the busy traffic on Aurora

and the large Phinney Neighborhood Association complex,

this is a neighborhood of charming homes, gardens and views of the lake.

This area is home to the Green Lake Presbyterian Church,

a few utility poles that are so old they have climbing spikes, and a few bike routes.

The hills were a workout but this was a rewarding walk.

Friday, November 25, 2011

North Green Lake

It was a beautiful day to walk off our Thanksgiving dinner so my husband and I headed to Green Lake and walked 6 miles through some streets between Aurora and Latona Avenues from N 80th Street to the lake.

We saw lots of other walkers, especially on the streets closer to the lake. This is a neat and tidy neighborhood with sidewalks and curbs. It has a mix of commercial establishments and newer multifamily and older single family homes. Most single family homes are modest in size but we did pass a few large homes and a few homes on large lots. There is a nice row of brick tudors on Bagley Avenue between 77th and 80th and a private road off the west side of the street. There are some lovely homes hidden away on Orin Court N and West Green Lake Drive N.

This neighborhood is home to the Green Lake branch of the Seattle Public Library, Duke's, Beth's (and a few other restaurants and cafes), Bethany Lutheran Church, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, a Suzuki Dealership, a sunny bench on a small triangle of land where Winona, N 77th and West Green Lake Drive meet, a mailbox at 77th and 1st, a cute painted fire hydrant and Green Lake's wading pool, swimming beach, Bathhouse Theatre, Community Center and playground.

There 's lots to see and do near Green Lake.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Madison Valley

It was another rainy day as my pastry loving pal and I took a walk in Madison Vally. The City Clerk's Office calls the areas we walked Mann and Harrison/Denny Blaine. We walked 3.5 miles along the streets south of E Madison, north of E Thomas and west of 32nd Avenue E.

Our first stop was Ines Patisserie for some yummy pastries. We passed City People's, Cafe Flora, a crepe restaurant and other shops and restaurants on our way to

E Lake Washington Blvd.

We weren't on this street long before we spotted a stairway at 31st Avenue E taking us down into the valley.

We were in a neighborhood of tidy homes and streets and were surprised to come upon a large lot which housed a small gray horse.

Next we came upon the Valley School and its multiple buildings and play structures.

Then it was back to Madison where we saw more interesting shops and restaurants before heading east again and coming upon a community garden

Our last discovery was Julia Lee's (Knudsen) Park.

This is a great neighborhood and I will return to enjoy all it has to offer on a sunny day.