Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Madison Valley

It was another rainy day as my pastry loving pal and I took a walk in Madison Vally. The City Clerk's Office calls the areas we walked Mann and Harrison/Denny Blaine. We walked 3.5 miles along the streets south of E Madison, north of E Thomas and west of 32nd Avenue E.

Our first stop was Ines Patisserie for some yummy pastries. We passed City People's, Cafe Flora, a crepe restaurant and other shops and restaurants on our way to

E Lake Washington Blvd.

We weren't on this street long before we spotted a stairway at 31st Avenue E taking us down into the valley.

We were in a neighborhood of tidy homes and streets and were surprised to come upon a large lot which housed a small gray horse.

Next we came upon the Valley School and its multiple buildings and play structures.

Then it was back to Madison where we saw more interesting shops and restaurants before heading east again and coming upon a community garden

Our last discovery was Julia Lee's (Knudsen) Park.

This is a great neighborhood and I will return to enjoy all it has to offer on a sunny day.


  1. Hi -- I'm the new president of the Madison Valley Community Council and would love to use some of your pictures. We would give you credit of course.

    1. Hi Penelope, congratulations on your new position. You may use any pictures you like.