Wednesday, November 30, 2011

University District

Yesterday, my husband and I finished walking the streets in the University District by taking a 3 mile walk along streets bounded by 20th Avenue NE, Ravenna Park, University Way NE and NE 50th Street.

Most of these streets are a little north of the fraternity and sorority houses and are a reminder of the what a grand neighborhood this was designed to be.

There are sidewalks, curbs, median strips, large trees

and many large older homes with great architectural details.

There is a mailbox at the corner 52nd and 20th.

15th Avenue is busier than the other streets and has quite a few apartment houses. This was a pretty easy walk with only a few hilly streets near Ravenna Blvd.

This neighborhood is home to the Center of Light and University Lutheran Church.

Another enjoyable walk.

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