Monday, December 5, 2011

Northwest Seattle

Yesterday, my husband and I took a 5.1 mile walk along some streets that spanned Crown Hill, North Beach/Blue Ridge and Greenwood. We walked north of Holman Road between 13th Avenue NW and Greenwood Avenue.

This area is dominated by the businesses along Holman Road and the ravine which constitutes the southeastern portion of Carkeek Park. We passed the Eddie McAbee Entrance and noted what appeared to be a class of college students about to hike into the park.

There is quite a bit of newer construction - mostly condos - near Holman Road. The further we got from Holman Road, the more likely we were to see single family homes. Some, bordering on the park were new and large and expensive.

This area is home to QFC, Patty's Egg Nest, a hair salon, a dry cleaners, a pizza place, SMART (Single Mothers Acquiring Resources and Training), a utility pole with climbing spikes and some pretty long ally ways.

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