Friday, December 23, 2011


Last Sunday, my husband and I took a 5 mile walk along the streets of Fremont. We walked streets south of 39th from 3rd Avenue to Stone Way.

The self-proclaimed Center of the Universe, Fremont is home to some much-loved public art. The Troll under the Aurora Bridge,

Waiting for the Interurban,
the statue of Lenin (decked out for the holidays) and the rocket are among the most famous.

Along the canal, we passed Fremont Canal Park, some pretty impressive topiary, Adobe offices, and a lovely plaza above the canal and the Burke Gilman Trail. The Sunday Market was in progress but we didn't get a Christmas feeling there.

We passed more art including statues of J.P. Patches and Gertrude.

We saw art on buildings and a neon Rapunzel in one tower of the Fremont Bridge (where I spotted my first 'bike lane ends' sign). We passed History House, the Fremont branch of the Seattle Public Library, an indoor sun shop, an outdoor nursery and some tidy planter boxes. We finally got a Christmas feeling in Theo's Chocolate Factory where lots of people were tasting and buying lots of chocolates.

Fremont provides Zip car parking and is home to a distillery, the Fremont Baptist Church, the Don Page Cobbler shop, lots of restaurants and pubs, Fremont Studios, the Fremont Outdoor Cinema and the Lake Washington Rowing Club.

We left a few streets to complete on another walk. There is always lots to see in Fremont even if its character has gotten more prosperous over the years. It still hosts the Solstice Parade every year.

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