Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It was a miserable, wet and dreary day today as my husband and I walked 6.1 miles through a Northeast Seattle neighborhood that took in parts of Roosevelt, Ravenna and Wedgwood. We walked streets between Lake City Way and Ravenna Avenue NE from 82nd to 95th Street plus a few streets south of 82nd and a few streets east of Ravenna.

The battery in my camera died so I didn't take any pictures. The area north of 85th is down in a hollow and a creek runs through it. There are few sidewalks west of Ravenna and street edges were often flooded. Walking along Ravenna was dangerous because there are no sidewalks and the shoulders are narrow. The neighborhood changed quickly as we walked south and there were some lovely streets even close to Lake City Way.

This area is home to Faith Lutheran Church, University Prep, a large pea patch, Temple Beth Am, Wedgwood Community Church, University Trailer Park, a Chinese take out place with a large parking lot, a 7 Eleven, a pump station, a retirement home and an adult entertainment establishment.

This is a really mixed area with some nice enclaves, some modest streets and a few streets I probably won't walk again.

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