Thursday, November 10, 2011

Southeast Wallingford

Hundreds of small American flags lined the walkways of the UW Quad where I started today's walk. The U is closed tomorrow for Veterans' Day (11-11-11) and it was fitting that the flags were out today for students to see them.

The Japanese maples were still glorious today as I returned to Wallingford. Including the distance I walked from the UW campus and to the buses home, I walked about 5 miles. Most of the distance was along the streets between 42nd and 45th from Sunnyside to Latona. This is the area where the street designations turn from N to NE.

This neighborhood has sidewalks and curbs, small lots, well-kept houses and lots of trees on its residential streets.

45th is a busy commercial strip with lots of motorized traffic and a decent amount of foot traffic. Businesses include: the Erotic Bakery, teriyaki, yogurt and foam shops, Open Books, Seattle Orthopedic Center, Seattle Stained Glass, Art Glass Supply, Golden Oldies Records & Tapes ("CD's" has been added to the sign), Comics Dungeon, Hawaii General Store, Pudge Bros. Pizza, a coffee shop and a Thai restaurant. The Rancho Bravo Tacos food truck is parked in what may have been Winchell's Donut House parking lot (Winchell's appeared to have closed). Rancho Bravo had a line but it wasn't as long as the line at Dick's Drive In.

This area is home to Discovery House (Seattle First Church of the Nazarene) and its community coffee shop, Mosaic,

a colorful mural,

the Original Word of the Week sign (there was no word on the sign this week), one way streets with bicycle designations and a mailbox (near 40th and Sunnyside).

Quite a few walkers were out on this sunny day and I appreciated the charms of Wallingford.

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