Saturday, November 12, 2011

South Central Greenwood

It was damp and drizzling today as my husband and I walked about 7 miles along the streets of Greenwood. We walked all the streets from NW 75th to NW 90th between 3rd Avenue NW and Greenwood Avenue N. This is one of the neighborhoods where N and NW meet.

There were lots of leaves on the field in Sandel Playground but that didn't stop the diehard ball players. The maples still have quite a few leaves but the sun was not out today and I wasn't tempted to photograph every colorful tree I saw.

We walked south on 3rd NW coming to a busy commercial area at 85th. We noticed a proposed land use action sign telling us that Fred Meyer plans to expand and that the Greenwood Market would be demolished. After crossing 85th, the neighborhood changed immediately. There were sidewalks and, for the most part, houses were bigger and in better repair than those north of 85th.

Greenwood Avenue and 85th Street are commercial strips with book stores, a real selection of ethnic restaurants, supermarkets,

antique and 2nd hand shops (one named Lot 49 - must be a Thomas Pynchon fan), musical instrument shops, cafes,

the Greenwood branch of the Seattle Public Library,

a Masonic lodge, medical/dental offices, art stores, dance studios,

the Taproot Theatre (which appears to be planning expanding), pubs, a game shop, a chain drug store,

a Top Ten Toys store

and the plainest US Post Office building I have ever seen.

I spotted a sign advertising the Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk (second Friday of each month from 6-9 PM)

There was some open space near 87th and 1st and what appeared to be a drainage retention pond but the rest of the area was a mix of single family homes and large (probably) apartment houses/senior housing/condos.

This neighborhood is home to Greenwood Elementary (where a crew were raking leaves), the Greenwood Reaper,

the colorful Sakya Tibetian Buddhist Monastery with its Parinirvana Stupa and Prayer Wheels

I will return to visit many of the interesting establishments located in this neighborhood.

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