Saturday, November 26, 2011

Phinney Ridge

My husband and I returned to Green Lake today but we walked in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood. We took a 5.8 mile walk along streets from N 59 to N 67th Street between Phinney and Aurora Avenues N.

We didn't see as many walkers as yesterday but the weather wasn't as nice and we were separated from Green Lake by Aurora. This is a hilly area and the streets slope down to the lake. I almost fell a few times because the sidewalks were so slippery with wet leaves and moss. That's the only complaint I have about this lovely neighborhood which has mostly single family homes with more density along Phinney Avenue. Houses close to Aurora were modest; those close to the zoo were often quite large with lots of architectural detail.

We walked two sets of stairs.

Sandwiched between the Woodland Park Zoo, the shops along Phinney, the busy traffic on Aurora

and the large Phinney Neighborhood Association complex,

this is a neighborhood of charming homes, gardens and views of the lake.

This area is home to the Green Lake Presbyterian Church,

a few utility poles that are so old they have climbing spikes, and a few bike routes.

The hills were a workout but this was a rewarding walk.

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