Sunday, November 27, 2011

Phinney Ridge

After cheering our daughter along in the Seattle half marathon, my husband and I returned to Phinney Ridge today for a 5.8 mile walk in the rain.

We walked streets from 60th to 70th between 2nd Avenue NW and Phinney Avenue N. This is one of the neighborhoods where N meets NW.

The streets are tidy but the views on this side of the ridge were not as impressive as yesterday's views of Green Lake. It was not a very clear day but we could just make out the Sound and the Olympics from the cross streets near 2nd Avenue.

This area is hilly and there appeared to be a real drop between 2nd and 3rd Avenue; we spotted a steep sidewalk connecting the two (but no street) at 60th Street.

There are lots of craftsman style homes and some homes are quite large. There are businesses and multiplexes along or adjacent to Phinney but the rest of the streets have single family homes and lots of trees.

This area is home to St. Thomas Parish Holy Apostolic (Assyrian) Catholic Church of the East and Rock of Ages Lutheran Brethren Church.

I got the feeling that Phinney Ridge residents like living there.

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