Wednesday, November 9, 2011

North Wallingford

The Japanese Maples were just as beautiful today as my neighbor and I took a 5 mile walk through the Wallingford neighborhood. We walked many of the streets between N45th and N56th Streets from Meridian Avenue N to Latona Avenue NE.

We started our walk at the Meridian Playground in the old Good Shepherd Center. The Meridian School, a lovely playground, a P-Patch and Seattle Tilth are all located in this pesticide free area.

This neighborhood is home to the Elim Baptist Church, Keystone Congregational Church, McDonald Elementary School (due to reopen in September 2012 as an international elementary school) and some lovely homes and gardens.

The neighborhood has sidewalks and curbs and lots of trees. The area around 55th and Meridian is commercial with restaurants, cafes and professional offices in an old theater. There are additional businesses along 45th and 50th but this is mostly a residential area.

The only thing making this a less than perfect walk was a strong urine odor around 51st and 1st. I suspect that this is uncommon but will check on my next walk in this area. (Note: On my next walk, there was no unpleasant aroma in this area.)

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