Sunday, November 13, 2011

West Greenwood and East Crown Hill

My husband and I returned to Greenwood today to walk some of its western streets and cross over into Crown Hill. We tacked a trip to Swanson's Nursery onto our walk. Including the distance we walked in Swanson's, we walked about 6 miles. We walked the streets between Dibble and 3rd Avenue NW from NW 80th to 90th Street (we also walked west of Dibble at 87th to find out what occupied the large block of land on our map - it was Crown Hill Cemetery).

Once again we noticed that the streets were much nicer south of 85th, they had sidewalks and curbs and looked tidy. Some of the streets north of 85th had curbs but no sidewalks, others had neither. Parking looked as if it could be tough on some streets.

85th is commercial and traffic is heavy; it's hard to cross if the corner doesn't have a light.

This neighborhood is home to the Evangelical Chinese Church, a voice studio, the Better Meat Company, the Center for Network Care (one's body, not one's computer system as I'd guessed from the name), a cafe, a pub, a pizza shop, a bicycle shop, an electric bike shop, a laundromat,

and some pretty cool yard art.

Swanson's is currently home to a camel, a donkey and two reindeer.

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