Saturday, September 25, 2010

West of Jackson Park and I-5

Towards the end of the week, I walked all the streets between NE 130th and 145th Streets from 1st Avenue NE to I-5 plus 5th Avenue NE between 130th and 145th and 145th between 1st NE and 15th NE. This 6.5 mile walk included crossing I-5 and lots of retracing steps.

This area includes Jackson Park Golf Course, I-5 and Lakeside School. Of the neighborhoods, I've walked so far, it probably has the lowest number of streets but not all of its street showed up on Google maps so I was discovering new streets to walk. Some areas were almost hidden in the tall trees. I passed a pigeon coop, a church, a pea patch, a 7/11 store and a health clinic.

5th Avenue between 130th and 145th was probably the most pedestrian unfriendly stretch I have walked so far but the views of Jackson Golf Course were lovely.

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