Thursday, November 11, 2010

South of Bitter Lake and West of Greenwood

Today, my husband and I walked the streets south of Bitter Lake and a few streets west of Greenwood Ave N just south of the Seattle Golf and Country Club at 145th. Our 5 miles walk included all the streets between N 130th and Bitter Lake plus N 137th from Greenwood to Aurora. It also covered the streets between 1st Ave NW and Greenwood from 137th to 145th.

The weather was damp and cool but we finished our walk before the rain started.

There a significant amount of Senior Housing in the areas we walked today - all well kept and nicely located within walking distance of Bitter Lake and the Bitter Lake Community Center. The grounds of the community Center and Park provide lake access.

Broadview Thomson Elementary School is located in this neighborhood just south and west of the lake.

The south side of the lake has more condos than single family homes but there are some homes nicely situated on the lake along Bitter Place N.

The neighborhood west of Greenwood was another pleasant surprise. There are lovely homes and large trees along Palatine Ave N and 1st Ave NW.

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