Monday, November 29, 2010

Alicia Park and Meadowbrook

Yesterday, my husband and I continued our walk through Alicia Park and Meadowbrook. We walked all the streets between 35th and 40th Avenues NE from NE 95th to 105th Street and filled in a few streets we'd missed on our last walk. Because of all the doubling back, this walk was 6.8 miles.

The sun was out and the air felt balmy after the cold and snow we'd had last week. We kept running into Thornton Creek on our last walk and we kept running into the Mock Creek Ravine on this walk. This is an environmentally sensitive area and I was amazed at how close some of the homes were to the ravine.

We never knew when a dead end street would dead end for walkers as well as cars but discovered foot paths connecting the two ends of 39th Avenue and the two ends of 40th Avenue. We could not find a way to walk from one end of 97th street to the other and, when we asked one of the residents, we were told there was no way through the ravine at this point.

Again, we noted that Alicia Park has sidewalks and underground utilities. It appears that these amenities significantly add to the asking prices of homes in that area.

The neighborhood includes the One Life Community Church and the Korean Peace Presbyterian Church. The main intersection of 35th Avenue NE and NE 95th Street is home to Bill Waters Spirit Service Station, Johnson's Auto Repair, the NorthEast Veterinary Clinic, a chiropractor's and an old fashioned looking barber shop (open 7 days a week).

This is a quiet, well kept neighborhood and a great place to walk.

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