Wednesday, September 4, 2013

South Delridge

We observed another example of the irregular southern border of the city today as my pastry-loving pal and I walked 5.8 miles in the South Delridge neighborhood. The city appears to extend south of Roxbury for the block and a half that includes Holy Family Catholic Church and School and the Gina Aquila Rosso Playfield.

Homes are modest and the neighborhood is primarily residential but there are businesses along Roxbury, 16th and Delridge. At the intersection of 16th and Roxbury, we looked south at a shopping street in White Center - outside the city limits.

Along 16th, we spotted a restaurant in an alley and a string of ethnic stores.

We passed Lee's Produce, All About Art and Aquarist World on Delridge and stopped at the Salvadorean Bakery and Restaurant on Roxbury to sample the tempting pastries. We decided that we should return someday to try the pupusas with pickled cabbage (highly recommended by others on the order line) and other Salvadorean specialties.

Along the way, we spotted murals,




an old church with no indication as to its current use,

a yard full of flamingos,

a row of huge utility poles,

a shrine flanked by benches with what looked to be Vietnamese inscriptions,

and some lovely gardens, produce and garden art.

Another great walk.

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