Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Riverview and High Point Neighborhoods of West Seattle

Schools and green space were well represented on today's 9.3 mile walk through the Riverview and High Point neighborhoods. I passed the Longfellow Creek Greenspace, the Riverview Playfield (pictured in a prior post) where lots of soccer goal nets were in place, South Seattle Community College (pictured in a prior post),

Stanislo Elementary

with its large plagyround

and nice play structure,

and the Louisa Boren Building (home to the K-5 STEM at Boren -  being remodeled to upgrade earthquake safety)

with its large playfields.

Along Delridge, I spotted a staircase, a future healthy forest, a parcel for sale that was designed to be an apartment site, a public storage facility and two gas stations at the intersection of Orchard and Delridge.

I passed the Croft Place Townhomes and Puget Ridge Cohousing with its common space

and community garden.

Other homes were modest and some were small but neat. Some others were almost hidden down lanes or behind collections of large vehicles.

Along the way, I spotted more staircases, yard art

and utility poles which appeared to be powering the entire city.

Someday I will return to walk the Longfellow Creek trails. I assume that is what the large group of backpack wearing senior citizens I met along 24th Avenue SW were doing.

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