Friday, March 30, 2012

Crown Hill

Rain added to puddles today as I took a 5.5 mile walk in the Crown Hill neighborhood. I walked streets between 8th and 15th Avenues NW from NW 85th to Holman Road.

85th is being repaved and curb cuts are being created. I had to detour where the sidewalk was closed. Another street around 14th and 89th is getting a sidewalk but it looks as if it's only going to be on one side of the street - it will be interesting to see if the other side still has puddles this time next year. Most of the streets north of 85th do not have sidewalks or curbs and many are in real need of a street edge alternative - no matter how hard some of the homeowners appear to have worked, there are still many puddles and potholes. Some homeowners appear to have been successful and one yard seemed to be landscaped to accommodate puddles.

Holman Road and 15th are a mix of commercial and residential. Close to Holman Road, there are quite a few multiplexes and some industrial sites. The rest is mostly single family homes and the peaceful Crown Hill Cemetery.

I spotted Dick's Drive-In, two Henry Murals on the Value Village building,

a rooster protecting eggs (and a few real chickens who scattered when I tried to take their picture), a palm tree, Harbor Church, the Finnish Lutheran Church, Crown Hill United Methodist Church (the latter two pictured in an earlier post), the United Indians of All Tribes Youth Home and a proposed land use action sign indicating that a 4-story building with 9 live-work units and 96 residential units would be built.

I was really drenched by the time I finished this walk but, as usual, there was a lot to see.

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