Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crown Hill and Greenwood

My husband and I took a shorter Crown Hill/Greenwood walk today, 4.1 miles. We walked streets I had not already covered between Dibble and Greenwood from NW 101st to NW 92nd Street.

Holman Road is a busy commercial strip and 3rd Avenue NW is a pretty busy street (pictured in a prior post). 8th NW is a little less busy and the rest of the streets we walked were pretty quiet (except for the sounds of traffic close to Holman and to 3rd).

This area is a mix of older single family homes in various states of repair and some new multifamily units near Holman Road.

Pipers Creek runs through this area and we saw a few signs asking us to help keep Pipers Creek from running down the drain.

We saw trees with interesting trunks,

trees that had been bonsaied,

palm trees, a tree that had been cut down but its ivy-covered stump left,



and geese.

This area is home to the Ballard Care and Rehabilitation Center.

Another walk with a few surprises.

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