Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Harrison/Denny-Blaine and Madison Park

Today's walk spanned two neighborhoods as I finished up streets in Madison Park and added to the streets I'd already walked in the Harrison/Denny-Blaine neighborhood. I walked 5.2 miles along the streets just south and east of the Arboretum.

I started out in the Arboretum at Washington Park and Playfield

and proceeded to streets between the Arboretum and Broadmoor, where there's some serious gardening going on. A large laurel hedge separates these streets from Broadmoor.

There are a few dead end streets which are a mix of older homes and some newer, skinny houses. I spotted a path down into the Arboretum.

The Broadmoor Manor Apartments are located on Madison.

The intersection of Lake Washington Blvd and Madison is commercial.

The closer I got to the lake, the grander the houses became.

This area is home to the Bush School (which takes up a lot more property than I had realized which probably accounts for all the "No Bush School Parking" signs I saw) and the Martin Luther King Community Center. I spotted stairways, a trail into the greenbelt, a Bond Bread sign, an impressive arch and two tiny horses (I only remember seeing one horse on my last walk near here).

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