Thursday, March 22, 2012

Phinney Ridge and West Woodland

I started today's walk by filling in 4 streets in the Green Lake neighborhood that I had missed when walking that area. Then I went to the neighborhood west of the zoo and walked streets bounded by 62nd, Phinney, 55th and 8th. I finished up with two streets in the Meadowbrook neighborhood that I had probably walked but failed to mark on my map. In total, I walked 7.2 miles and got some exercise climbing the hills in the Phinney neighborhood.

The streets between 3rd NW and the zoo are hilly, treed, almost park-like and don't all have sidewalks. There is a housing mix here with some really large homes on good-sized lots, some smaller homes and Woodland Place (probably condominiums).

There is a steeply terraced P-Patch at 60th and 3rd.

The sidewalk behind St. John's has been turned into a community garden.

Phinney is a busy street and is home to restaurants (including the Phinney Market, the Santa Fe Cafe and A La Mode Pies), Woodland Park Community of Christ Church,

59th Street passes under Phinney Avenue and leads to zoo parking lots. The underpass looks to have contained a lovely mural but it has been largely covered by graffiti.

The area between 3rd and 8th is not as hilly or as treed but does have some ambitious landscaping and yard art.

I spotted a mailbox at 60th and Phinney, a tree house, a decorated bus shelter,

a solar powered house,

chicken coops for sale,

a Pegasus on a porch

and palm trees.

Another walk full of discoveries.

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