Tuesday, March 13, 2012

West Woodland Section of Ballard

Every street was unique on our walk in WestWoodland today. My husband and I walked 6.8 miles along the streets between 8th and 11th Avenues NW from NW 51st to 65th Street.

65th, 8th and 55th (Market Street) are busy and there is a commercial strip around 65th and 8th (covered in a prior post). The streets south of 55th border on an industrial area and have quite a number of newer homes. Otherwise, this is a residential area of mostly older, modest homes with a street of brick tudors thrown in. There are some nice yards and planted parking strips but not too many tall trees.

We passed "The Garden of Edwin" mural (by Adam Rosand),

a "henry" mural painted on the Market Street Preschool, a mailbox (at 51st & 9th),

palm trees,

a chicken coop, a building that looked to have been a corner store, a gargoyle

and a mint-green house.

This area abuts Saint Paul's United Church of Christ. It is home to Gilman Playground (aka West Woodland Park).

A new experience on every street.

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