Saturday, March 3, 2012

North Queen Anne

We had a real workout today as my husband and I climbed hills in Queen Anne. We took a 5.5 mile walk along streets between 3rd Avenue W and 4th Avenue N from Etruria to Raye Street. This appears to be an area where North streets/avenues meet West streets/avenues. It was pretty confusing and I was happy to have a map to keep me oriented.

This neighborhood is surrounded by the ship canal, Seattle Pacific University, David Rogers Park/Queen Anne Bowl (where a soccer game was in progress and where we saw a rock instructing us "really love something")

and the small but satisfying Mayfair Park.

Nickerson is a busy, commercial street but the rest of the streets we walked were pretty quiet. We spotted the Nickerson Street Saloon, Ponti's Restaurant, Bleitz Funeral Home and office buildings across Nickerson but we'll have to return to walk the streets nearer the canal.

The higher up the hill we climbed the more expensive the homes looked.

We saw more "henry" murals on the Clayworks building and a house near to it.

We climbed up and down a few staircases; one lead to a private street at Mayfair Avenue, another to Dexter Avenue where we got a view of the Aurora Bridge and a float plane coming in for a landing.

Across from David Rogers Park, we were warned that our activities were being monitored.

a Tree and Stump Service yard, a large billboard (which for years displayed an Ivar's ad but today had a plumbing ad) but no palm trees :-(

We saw joggers, dog walkers, walkers and a homeowner out gardening. For anyone who doesn't mind hills, this is a comfortable feeling neighborhood.


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    1. Hi Annie, thanks for the comment; it's nice to know that someone else has fun exploring neighborhoods. The last 4 or 5 years that I was working, a friend and I walked to my office once a year. It was about a 7 mile stroll and I discovered how much I had been missing. That's when I came up with my retirement goal. I made it through to retirement and now I'm trying to achieve many of the things I had been postponing. I hope we both achieve our goals. Peggy

  2. Also, seconding Annie's comment, I was excited to see the beautiful watercolors and information about your blog, as I found it encouraging.

    I appreciate your dedication, and I know I'll continue to visit to see more of your detailed photographs. I also appreciate your descriptive but spare captions.

    Keep up with this, it's really interesting!
    Christopher J. Porter

    1. Hi Christopher, knowing that people are reading the blog will give me the incentive to keep it up. I enjoy the walking more than the blogging but it does keep me focused. Thanks for your encouragement. Peggy

  3. We are moving up from Federal Way to White Center, I too love walking in neighborhoods. Federal Way is mostly strip malls. I'm going to explore as many neighborhoods as I can. I'll take my sketchbook along to get some idea's for my paintings. First I'll get to know my neighborhood, then I've been longing to see Queen Anne.

    1. Hi Kendal, good luck with your walking, sketching and paintings; I'm sure you'll find interesting places. Your comment inspired me and I returned to Queen Anne today - you won't be disappointed when you walk there. Peggy