Thursday, March 29, 2012


A chore took us to Fremont but the rain shredded my map and cut our walk short today. My husband and I walked 3.7 miles along streets we needed to fill in between 34th and 41st from Francis Avenue to Stone Way N.

This is a really mixed area with industrial, commercial and residential buildings (single family and multiplex).

We started walking east on 39th then turned north on Fremont passing what looked like the Solstice Parade Headquarters, a staircase and B. F. Day Elementary.

Aurora (99) runs through this area and we took a footbridge over it, noticing that a bike runnel had been installed.

We spotted the Orange Tea Preschool,

a self-defense school,

a mural on Lama G's Cafe,

the Urban Earth Nursery, what I at first thought was a young lady but discovered was a mannequin which looked like a young lady on the look out for a ship to return to a harbor and a proposed land use action sign signifying that a single family house may be torn down and replaced with a 60 room building with no parking provided.

We walked under Aurora, observing a freshly painted mural and a street of lovely homes.


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