Monday, March 19, 2012

East Queen Anne

It was a lovely morning for a stroll, today, as my husband and I walked along the streets of East Queen Anne. We took a 5.9 mile walk on streets between 1st Ave W and Warren Avenue N between Galer and Raye Streets and included the cozy dead end at Lorentz Place.

This area is a real mix with lovely older homes and newer apartment complexes with more to come. We saw a 'proposed land use action' sign indicating that a new 112 unit building might be replacing some older homes and a business (Metropolitan Market).

Queen Anne Avenue is a busy, commercial street with lots of shops, restaurants and apartments. We passed Safeway, Metropolitan Market (with it colorful flower shop)

and the newer Eden Hill Apartments

and saw a signs for the Queen Anne Farmer's Market.

This walk was not as hilly as some Queen Anne walks we have taken but we did climb a staircase at Galer and Queen Anne Avenue. We passed a mailbox at Queen Anne and Raye, a few palm trees,

a plush-looking chicken coop, overhead wires for the electric buses, a tree swing and some very tall transmission towers.

This area is home to East Queen Anne Playground,

We saw lots of young women with small children an other people out enjoying the things this neighborhood has to offer.

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