Monday, March 5, 2012

North Whittier Heights

Palm tree sightings were back in numbers today as my husband and I took a 7 mile walk in the northern section of Whittier Heights. We walked between 8th and 15th Avenues NW from 77th to 85th Street. I stopped taking pictures after spotting six of them but there are a few more.

85th and 15th are commercial streets and 80th is a busy street but the rest of the neighborhood is residential with mostly single family homes. 85th is currently dug up and it looks as if new curbs are being added with corner cuts for accessibility.

Houses are mostly small but we noticed a few remodels and some newer townhouses. Trees are scarce on some streets and not too tall on others but trees really do add to the appeal of the streets that have them. The area has sidewalks and curbs.

We stopped in to look at the garden art at the Home and Garden Art store. We'd seen examples of this art in yards and now we know where they may have been purchased.

We passed mailboxes at the corner 11th and 80th and near the intersection of 85th and 15th, a large vacant lot on 15th, a small crowd watching someone being interviewed in front of the Love Zone, a house ready for St.Patrick's Day, a "Whale Friendly Lawn" sign, a great play structure in someone's yard,

a Safeway flying Nordic flags

and murals on a Mexican restaurant,

a Moroccan restaurant,

a financial consulting business

and a marine electrical company.

This area is home to the United Evangelical Free Church,

the Crown Hill United Methodist Church,

the Finnish Lutheran Church

and Baker Park.

Once again, we avoided rain and had a nice walk.

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