Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Phinney Ridge and West Woodland

We had to sandwich today's walk between appointments so it was shorter than usual (3.8 miles) but still pleasant. We walked in Phinney Ridge and West Woodland between 2nd and 8th Avenues NW from 62nd to 70th.

65th and 8th are commercial and 3rd is a moderately busy street but the rest of the area is residential. Smaller, single family homes abound but there are a few larger remodels/replacements and multifamily residences. All streets have sidewalks and curbs.

We passed a mailbox at 70th and 3rd, a "henry" mural at 67th and 8th,

a signpost directing us to restaurants and a pub,

a tiled bench on a street corner,

Slave to the Needle tattoo shop with a peaceful water feature outside, the Sneakery,

Boot Girl (cowgirl, cowboy and stomp boots plus some shirts and crinolins), Olsen Violins

65th between 4th and 8th has more pubs than I've seen on one street in quite a while (including The Dray, 418 Public House, The Tin Hat and Molly Maguires - I may have missed some).

J&J Collision, with its retro look is on the other side of 65th.

Restaurants include The Barking Dog, Cafe Bambino, Il Giardino, a pizza parlor, and the Ridgeback Cafe - I think I've missed a few.

The corner of 65th and 8th houses a large Goodwill facility, Choice Deli & Grocery, a cleaners, a floor covering store and the Seattle Natural Veterinary Center.

This area is home to Saint Thomas Church (pictured in a prior post), Emmanuel Anglican Church and Grace Fellowship (which appear to share a building).

We saw walkers, dog walkers, baby pushers, baby carriers, shop workers and customers.

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