Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Capitol Hill Stevens Neighborhood

Every street was crying out for me to learn its history as I took an 8.4 mile walk in the Stevens neighborhood of Capitol Hill today. I walked streets north of Madison, south of Thomas/John, east of 11th Avenue and west of 23rd.

This area has a little bit of everything and, I suspect, lots of history. It has some beautiful older homes and apartment houses (many with courtyards), newer multiplexes, businesses, shops, restaurants, medical facilities, holes in the ground and 'proposed land use action' signs. Some properties are very well maintained, others are not.

I passed many churches and former churches including: the former First Methodist Protestant Church of Seattle (aka Capitol Hill United Methodist Church) now home to Catalysis whose website indicates that the building is on the National Register of Historic Places which means anyone can stop by at any time for a visit,

the former First Church of Christ Scientist, now the Sanctuary condominiums,

a building which does not appear to be in use whose cornerstone reads "First Advent Christian Church AD 1925,"

the German United Church of Christ (whose services are in German),

and, across Madison, the Madison Temple Church of God in Christ.

This area abuts Miller Park and Cal Anderson Park.

I spotted palm trees, a mailbox at 14th and Pine, a cobblestone street, transmission towers, a gelato store, a custard store, the Project Room, the Elysian Brewing Company, a parking spot reserved for 'car share cars', the American Artificial Limb Company, the Pacific Supply Company

and lots of fancy restaurants.

This area is home to Group Health

(and its impressive slide structure),

So much packed into a relatively small area!

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