Friday, March 9, 2012

First Hill and the Central District Minor Neighborhood

A visit to the Frye Museum, brought a friend and me to the First Hill and Minor neighborhoods today. We took a 5.6 mile meandering stroll trying to cover streets I had not already walked. We walked mostly between Union and Cherry from Broadway to 22nd.

This is an older neighborhood with mature trees and homes in various states of repair. Some are lovingly maintained, others look more like rental houses. 17th between Spring and Union has some lovely buildings - probably apartment buildings.

We saw some great yard art,

a mural on a retaining wall, palm trees

and a vegetable garden in a large yard.

The western portion of this area is dominated by Seattle University.

This area is home to Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Madison Park Church of Christ, Immaculate Conception Church,

Hamlin Robinson School (in the former T.T. Minor building),

We enjoyed both the walk and the exhibits (especially Beloved: Pictures at an Exhibition).


  1. Dear Seattle Walker ... I posted this to another page but don't know if you would see it since it was over a year old.
    I am working for a new real estate firm that hopes to display photos of all 96 of Seattle's neighborhoods.
    In searching for photos I discovered your shots at Belvedere Terrace -- easily the best I have found. Then I discovered that you have other glorious pictures from many places.
    I am wondering if I may use at least the Belvedere Terrace photo (from Feb., 2011) and perhaps others. I am happy to link back to your blog or if you have another site.
    Please drop me a note so we can continue the conversation.
    Thank you very much,
    Chris Fuitrich
    (freelancer for Brio Real Estate)
    Sample page:

  2. Hi Chris,

    I emailed you giving you permission. This site focuses on the feel of neighborhoods rather than on houses but you might find some other shots useful.