Sunday, March 11, 2012

Central Whittier Heights

March Madness kept today's walk short - 3.7 miles. My husband and I walked streets between 8th and 13th NW from NW 70th to 77th Street.

8th Avenue NW is a little wider and has more traffic than the other streets in this area. The rest of streets are quiet with sidewalks, curbs and modest single family homes. The area is fairly flat but slopes slightly down going south.

There is a real mix of brick Tudors, Craftsman, Victorian, bungalows and a few skinny houses. For me, the appeal of most streets was determined by the number and sizes of the trees in the parking strips. Many parking strips had newly planted saplings and some of these were tagged as being maintained by SDOT.

We saw rain barrels, bonsaied trees, palm trees, a water feature in a cute patio,

Dibble House Bead & Breakfast,

some interesting yard art,

Australian tree ferns for sale

Our walk was short but sweet; we were greeted by friendly people and happened upon the Kirke Park (currently under construction). According to the Parks Department site: "The park was named Kirke which means church in Norwegian. This name pays tribute to both the Norwegian heritage of the neighborhood and the history of the site. This site was home to the Church of Seventh Elect in Spiritual Israel for more than 90 years."

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