Friday, March 2, 2012

Loyal Heights and Sunset Hill

It was damp and windy today as my husband and I returned to Loyal Heights for a 5.4 mile walk. We crossed over into Sunset Hill and walked streets between Jones and 30th Avenues NW from NW 75th to 83rd Street.

There are businesses and multifamily dwellings along 24th and 80th is a busy street but the rest of the area is residential with a school and a few churches.

We saw lots of water barrels and "I'm RainWise" signs and a few benches in parking strips.

(it looked as if some garden space had been set aside),

the Philadelphia Church (its Little Feats Preschool and numerous other ministries),

We passed some impressive parking strips, a beauty parlor, an espresso shop,

Saleh's Deli,

Larsen's Bakery, restaurants,

a house under construction, a house which looked as if it had been raised up,

a house with lots of bird feeders (we heard lots of chirping),

a house with gargoyles, some garden art, a street with double utility poles (I wondered if the smaller one were being replaced or if two were needed for all the wires) and more palm trees.

Tripping over some uneven sidewalk pavers, I had my first walk fall. I was initially a little shaken but, aside from some scratches to my camera and my hand, everything was OK.

We saw kids in the school yard at recess, dog walkers, stroller pushers, construction workers and walkers. It's always nice to see activity like this.


  1. I just read about your blog in the Times. Have you ever read the Diamond Geezer? He walks all over London and blogs about it. You are both fun to read.
    Linda Hill

  2. Hi Linda, I had not heard about the Diamond Geezer but have now visited his blog which makes me wish I knew more about London - maybe after Seattle... Thanks for the comment. Peggy